Location: On the coast of the Gulf of the Branded Moon along the Wyrmsblood River.
Class: Metropolis
Area: 2.1 sq. mi. (1311.5 acres)
Founded: 317
Population: 80,000
Majority Race: Rasheon
Attitude: Neutral
Exports: Fishing, dyes, oil, tradegoods (especially ores and other mined goods)
Ruling Body: Baron Vandal Nysor, Priest of Keradre. Rumored to be a shape-shifter who sneaks around the city in different forms to spy on the citizenry. His residence is in the Gallows and named Blackcircle in honor of the Unholy whom he worships.
Armed Forces: 533. The city guard are known as Lowblades, and wander through the streets in disorganized bands, causing as much chaos as they stop. They are ill-outfitted and poorly trained, in general, and wear red wraps to indicate their station. Commanders wear short fox fur stoles. Groups of The Hallow can sometimes be encountered in Gullport, either on leave or in the city for some other purpose. They are not official city guard members, but have near-complete autonomy to act however they see fit and generally outrank Lowblade commanders.
Notable Businesses
The Fading Tusk – Inn & Tavern (Amber Market). Poor. The street outside is strewn with broken tankards and benches. The inn is a single story stone-walled building, with several leaded glass windows. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and straw mattresses and several hammocks in the common room. The inn is unusually noisy.
Vegetable Stew (3 cp)
Dried Shellfish and Turnip, Tankard of Ale (10 cp)
Smoked Mutton and Blue Cheese, Tankard of Stout (11 cp)
Buckwheat Bread and Blue Cheese, Mug of Stout (4 cp)
Rye Biscuits and Blue Cheese, Mug of Mead (4 cp)
Buckwheat Porridge, Mug of Bitter (4 cp)
The Red Flask – Inn & Tavern (Searow). Average.
Smallblade – Tavern (Central Point NE). Good.
Copper Hall – Inn & Tavern (Central Point NE). Good. The inn is a two-storey stone-walled building, with several stained glass windows. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses. A large private bathhouse is available to guests.
Roasted Boar and Curd Cheese, Glass of Mead (2 sp)
Stewed Mutton and Dried Peas, Tankard of Beer (7 cp)
Stewed Pork and Sharp Cheese, Tankard of Perry (13 cp)
Dried Pork and Watercress, Tankard of Mead (10 cp)
Roasted beef and Leeks, Glass of Mead (2 sp)
The Scroll – Blacksmith (Woodash Corner). Poor.
Grandreavers – Blacksmith (Rigos District). Average.
Dusk Legion – Blacksmith (The Smithery). Good.
Antal’s – General Goods (Amber Market). Poor.
Varga’s Goods – General Goods (Circle Green). Average.
Birodan’s – General Goods (Central Point NE). Good.
Notable Locations
Old Hab –
The Gallows -
Blackhouse -
Amber Market -
The land containing Gullport has had a near constant array of settlements and towns on it since the third century. A vital port location, it joined the Nihan kingdom in 317 and managed to flourish through many name changes, kingdoms, and natural disasters over the next century. The Raikk invasion and the Silent Contagion brought the city’s first tastes of mortality, finally seeing a rebirth and renaissance during the time of Varith. The Black Dawn brought dust and drought and the end of Varith, and Gullport was born, slowly recovering over the next five hundred years as an independent port city.
Most of the docks in Old Hab were set aflame and destroyed in 1645 during the coming of the Perdition. The destruction was never fully cleared, and what few new docks that have been build were put in place north of the old. The charred remains of buildings in Old Hab and parts of Searow, the Line, and Harbor Row still stand abandoned to nature and the elements, many reputedly haunted.

Noble Houses: 400
GP Item Purchase Limit: 100,000 GP
Cash Reserves: 400,000,000 GP
Magic Wealth: 40,000,000 GP
Annual Payments to Lord/King: 200,000 GP
Total Buildings: 29,928
Buildings with Residential function: 23,942
Adults per Dwelling: 3.3

Outside Gate
Northgate (Gate)
Alder Point (Shanty)
The Iron Fields (Military)
Warttown (Odiferous)
Southgate (Gate)
Shaffas Grove (Shanty)
The Wilt (Odiferous)
Mudders (Shanty)
Amber Market (Market)
Dot (Shanty)
Highscale / Lowscale (River)

Inside Gate
Rigos District (Craftsmen)
East Shade (Slum)
Silver Row (Merchant)
Circlegreen (Market)
North Maker (Craftsmen)
South Maker (Craftsmen)
Eastvale (Patriciate)
The Gallows (Administrative)
The Line (Craftsmen)
Central Point (Market)
The Spiral (Craftsmen)
Westvale (Patriciate)
Searow (Merchant)
Midtown Walk (Market)
Harbor Row (Craftsmen)
The Smithery (Craftsmen)
Dreggerlane (Slum)
Shadevine (Shanty)
Castoff Point (Merchant)
The Spoils (Market)
Four South (Slum)
Woodash Corner (Craftsmen)
Four North (Slum)
Blackhouse (Military)
Old Hab/New Hab (Sea)

Occupations –
Housewives/Househusbands: 8000
Laborers: 8000
Elderly/Infirm: 5333
Servers (inns, taverns, restaurants): 2285
Peddlers: 1333
Porters: 1333
Beggers: 1142
Domestic Servants: 666
Thieves: 533
Bricklayers: 457
Pages: 355
Maidservants: 320
Watercarriers: 160
Fishers: 100
Apprentices: 1142
Furniture Makers: 400
Bakers: 320
Carpenters: 320
Furriers: 320
Potters: 320
Shoe Makers: 320
Tailors: 320
Wheelwrights (wagon makers): 290
Blacksmiths: 266
Weavers: 266
Basket Makers: 228
Canvasser: 228
Jewelers: 200
Soap Makers: 200
Cooks: 177
Masons: 160
Engravers: 142
Coopers (barrel maker): 133
Pastrycooks: 123
Chandlers: 114
Leatherworkers: 114
Saddlers: 100
Purse Makers: 94
Toy Makers: 88
Artists: 80
Rope Makers: 72
Woodcarvers: 66
Buckle Makers: 57
Hat Makers: 57
Roofers: 57
Gold/Silversmiths: 53
Tanners: 53
Bowyer/Fletchers: 50
Clock Makers: 50
Locksmiths: 50
Brewers: 44
Bell Makers: 40
Dye Makers: 40
Rug Maker (expensive): 40
Sculptors: 40
Bleachers: 36
Girdlers (leather clothing): 36
Glass Makers: 32
Glove Makers: 32
Paper/Parchment Makers: 32
Ship Makers: 32
Distillers: 28
Bookbinders: 26
Cartographers: 26
Instrument Makers: 26
Vintner: 26
Armorers: 22
Weaponsmiths: 22
Tilers: 17
Minstrels: 42
Storytellers: 38
Acrobats, Tumblers: 36
Jesters: 32
Satirists: 16
Guards (city/governmental): 533
Officials: 533
Sherriff/Constable (oversees guard): 53
Tax Collectors: 47
Bankers: 42
Advocates (lawyers): 123
Diplomats: 26
Judges: 40
Grocers (small wares): 640
Livestock Merchants: 400
Tavern Keepers: 320
Dairy Sellers: 266
Butchers: 200
Florists: 177
Mercers (expensive clothing): 123
Fishmongers: 100
Wine Merchants: 88
Wool Merchants: 88
Beer Merchants: 80
Cloth Merchant: 80
Herbalists: 80
Inn Keeper: 80
Cutlers (knife maker): 66
Woodsellers: 66
Hay Merchants: 64
Spice Merchants: 57
Restaurantiers: 53
Tobacco Merchants: 44
Magic Merchants: 40
Millers: 40
Magic Shops: 28
Booksellers: 26
Perfumers: 17
Potionmakers: 16
Students: 800
Professors: 53
Alchemists: 42
Teachers: 32
Inventor/Tinkerer: 26
Astrologers: 22
Historians: 20
Sage/scholar: 20
Librarians: 17
Clergy Members: 1600
Clothiers (used), Seamstress: 640
Warehousers: 640
Launderers: 500
Barbers: 228
Prostitute: 160
Midwives: 133
Doctors, Unlicensed: 100
Groomer (horses): 80
Nannies: 80
Painters: 66
Writers: 66
Doctors, Licensed: 58
Plasterers: 57
Architects: 53
Bathers: 53
Copyists: 53
Priests (oversees clergy): 53
Taxidermists: 47
Town Criers: 40
Undertakers: 40
Brothel Keepers: 32
Gardeners: 26
Illustrator: 20
Dentists: 17
Engineers: 17


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